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Portal Meme: Jokes, Ideas, Fun, Creative

Memes are one of the biggest trends created by social media apart from connecting various people from various locations. These memes have been surfing the internet since past decade. This time, we will discuss one particular type of meme, namely Portal memes. Let us find more details behind them.

Meme Origins: Portal

Portals are not unknown thing for people especially this generation z kids. They have seen portals in the Globally acclaimed Doraemon cartoon series, where Doaremon uses any door to go anywhere. Also in the recently Marvel Studio’s blockbuster hit, Doctor Strange has used the concept of portals opening to various locations. These portals are also used widely in many scientific movies as well. Although at this point of time, portals are merely fictitious, theoretical subjects and maybe in the future, Portals may be available for use.

Meme Backhistory: Portal

These portal memes started surfing after the success of the Doraemon cartoon series. Users on social media such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, reddit, etc. These portal memes were used in the context of what if some random persons, aliens come to a certain location. These memes were made to actually combine two different movie plot scenes, and the characters in it, bump into each other. Whatever the face-off would be, were creatively done through the editing software, photoshop and texts written in pure fiction and sarcasm.

Portal Meme

Meme Popularity: Portal

These portal memes are as popular as those Doaremon, scientific fiction movies, series such as Doctor Strange, Interstellar, etc. These are widely used and many of the audience in the meme community are either fiction or science fans, hence they get good reach by using so and so templates from these movies and edit to their own will. People do like them and they are still shared and made by many till now.

Meme Impact

These memes are mostly used from fictitious movie concepts and moreover the theme of memes is always kept in a sarcastic manner. There is no misuse of celebrity’s faces as well because the majority of the images in memes are either comics, photoshop, or just the screenshot of that particular point. People just use the memes as a medium to share their funny ideas and no offence or dark humour has been used over this concept of memes. It is totally fine for the audience without any negative effects to their minds.


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