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Tumblr Aesthetic: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Touch, Life

A blogging and social networking platform that thrived between from 2009 to 2013, when Facebook was widely used and had a lot of attraction for young people but felt intrusive because your childhood friends, family and neighbors were watching you at all times, while Instagram wasn’t yet available.

Tumblr equates to cool. Additionally, the platform emphasized on aligning itself as a spare space and urged users, including many young adults and adolescents in general, to be themselves, interact closely with their followers, and seek out people they had a lot of similarities with in order to get away from Facebook’s premise of connecting mostly with folks you already knew in actual life.

Let us know how to step into Tumblr aesthetic

Portraits are your besties: Tumblr aesthetic

Take some cool pictures. This sums up what it means to be a Tumblr girl. Your pictures must be adorable & flawless while also portraying an approachable lifestyle. Utilize daylight. Take your photos outside or in a bright room inside your home. You can also take some interior photos, but unless you have access to Photoshop, avoid using light that would dramatically alter your skin tone. Also know about aesthetic wallpaper.

Look for unusual settings. They frequently appear in intriguing locations. A simple brick wall or a wooden fence can add visual interest to a picture. Try out various positions. Don’t just stand there. Move around and make gang signs or atleast smile while doing so. Tumblr beauties are popular for more than just their fashionable looks.

Know Current Fashion: Tumblr aesthetic

Every fashion trend is always at the forefront for Tumblr girls. Watch what other famous profiles are wearing as well as try to include some new components into your own attire without coming across as a clone. Try odd and risky things once in a while. something not done by other Tumblr gals. When you have enough supporters, it might become popular.

Tumblr aesthetic

Don’t Be Shy To Doll Up: Tumblr aesthetic

Although every female is unique, Tumblr girls typically appear to be wearing very little makeup; naked lips in particular. This gives the impression that they are ordinary, informal individuals who are having fun and are confident in their appearance. The eyes are an exception. Because Tumblr girls typically have very pronounced eyes, they usually use a lot of mascara & eyeliner, as well as occasionally some false eyelashes. Make sure your makeup is noticeable but not overdone, as that will make you appear to have dead eyes. Never be hesitant to switch things up. Once you perfect a no makeup look, bright lipstick may really stand out in a picture.

Shop A Little

Try to choose outfits & accessories that aren’t commonly found on female models. You can find some beautiful items while thrift shopping, and they are usually rather affordable. For this reason, some Tumblr girls have quite a distinctive or retro flair to their appearance. Small boutiques may also provide items that can help you stand out from the crowd of mall shoppers.


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