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Teal Dress: Class, Comfort, Magic

Teal is an amalgamation of two very unique and eye- catching colours – cyan and green. The fashion world is dynamic and anything new is often trendy. The colours of fabrics are the very first thing anyone would notice. The teal dresses have been in trend recently. The uniqueness of these dresses is the colour which is by far so noticeable while standing in a group. the dress itself creates a highlighting effect for the person. The trends are being set very fast today, fast fashion is the future as the experts believe. Especially, colours are the core on which designs are being built. Huge fashion brands like h&m and zara are being best known for fast fashion, they have started associating colours and seasons and thus resulting into making a particular colour trendy for that season.

The teal trend: Dress

As discussed the trendiness of colours in seasons associated , a teal dress is like sun in all those, consistent however may vary in durations. Teal is good to go throughout the year and in every occasion. Even  it is one of the most popular items when it comes to choosing a bridesmaid dress next to lavender.

Versatility of a teal dress 

A teal dress as seen and observed is very versatile in itself. The colour can be worn on casual as well as formal occasions too. Need a trendy work wear? Find a teal dress, need a breezy casual wear? Find a teal t shirt, even need a nice partywear? Teal is the way to go.

Not only occasion wise but also the colour is very gender neutral, men – women- any third gender can pick a teal outfit un-hesitantly. Teal is also a kid friendly colour. 

Compatibility of teal:

Teal is an eesome colour, thus pairing teal is quite simple. Teal goes well with white and black, {obviously!}, but it also co-ordinates so well with blue and sage green.

If being worn for a casual occasion or for a beach party, a combination of teal with orange would look super fun.  Teal with brown is super trendy. Teal can also be paired well with lemon yellow, baby pink, magenta, purple, sap green, grey , peach etc.

Even a variety if accessories depending on where you wearing it are very compatible. Silver jewellery, gold jewellery , metallic or copper jewellery, modern jewellery, simple pairing it with watches or handbags would be the complete outfit look elegant.  Men on the other hand can accessorize teal wit bucket hats if you want to go breezy and if rooting for a sophisticate look , they can pair it with eye- shades and formal shoes . Many gender neutral accessories can also make the fits look elegant and stylish like waist bags , hats and boots. 

Conclusively teal is a consistent and it suits every need however they may vary. The amalgamation of two beautiful colours even exerts much beauty on very skin tone too ,may it be fair or dark or neutral. It is one for all!

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