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Luke Kenny: Bio, Age, Wiki, Height, Career

Luke Kenny is an Indian actor, film director and producer and also composer and also former VJ. He began the career and which is followed by the successful stint and also he is known to be the first male VJ which appears on the Channel V. Kenny used to gain a widespread success and recognition and also he become famous for the roles and become famous in the year 2008 and also become famous for her roles on the films such as Rock On and then this film appears in the 2008 and he became the prominent role and also hired Malcolm murad and he gained widespread recognition for his roles for the movie that is rock on and then he became prominent in other roles such as for the sacred games it is of Netflix series and he hired for the role of mercenary Malcolm murtad.

He appeared in 2018 Netflix series and appeared in most of the series. Luke Kenny was born on Kolkata, west Bengal and possess Indian nationality and he is present in the acting field from 1989 till present. He appeared in most the film series and it is known for the film such as Rock On.

Early Life

Kenny was known to be born in Kolkata and he has irish grandfather and he is originally from the Burma and then he was known to moved to india just after WWII and was known for marrying the British women who is known to be her grandmother . Then his father Robert Luke Kenny was known to born in the delhi and was an established musician. After that he was known to move to Kolkata and then later he was known to married Kenny grandmother who is British. After that, he then moved to Kolkata.

And later married his mother who is of Italian descent. After that his parents got divorced at a very young age and then he was known to grew up in Mumbai city. After that his father and grandfather were set to be both musicians and which promoted his interest in music at a very early age. Later he was known to be a renowned student at the Elphinstone College which is situated in the Mumbai city and later left his school at a very early age and then able to pursue the career in the music field.

Luke Kenny


He started his career with dancing, and then he was mostly influenced by the Michael Jackson. After that he was known to be spotted and then after that he was recruited by the dance crew of the Arshad Warsi and later in 1991 he was known to join as Rock band grew as he was known to join as vocalist. He later was known to do a small stint as a DJ between 1993 and 1995. Luke Kenny Later he is known to launch Channel V and then appear to be the first male VJ. After that this show his long association with the VJ. He also appear in the series such as Disney Hotstar.

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