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Cece Dresses: Styling, Looks, Pictures, Aesthetic

Cece dresses are extremely underrated, Aren’t they? The beautiful ruffle finish at the bottom of the dress is pretty and would make anyone look flattering. Cece dresses can be worn in the summer and also during the fall if properly layered.

Let us look at a few Cece dresses.

Lemons For The Summer: Cece Dresses

What sounds better than lemons for the summer? They are refreshing and replenish us instantly. Get a cece dress with yellow lemon print on it. To make the print brighter, it is suggested to get a plain white canvas to work those yellow lemons on. This instantly gives a summer vibe to the dress. There is nothing more admiring than a little bit of accentuation at the waist through a waistband. Also be certain that the waistband lies right under your bust rather than a few inches off of it.

All we want is a flattering looking dress that suits our body type. You can keep the dress knee length or mini. But a knee length would look more modest and sophisticated. Since it is made of polyester, it is easily washable and does not cause much trouble while washing. The flare or the ruffle detail at the end of the dress would make the dress look so much better than it is without it. Get a tan pair of shoes and a matching tan leather handbag to go well with each other. You can also add a pair of gold earrings to compliment the yellow in the dress.

cece dresses

Modest And Cece Dresses

You can also dress modestly with cece dresses. It depends on the dresses you choose for yourself. To dress modestly, choose a dark colored cece dress such as a navy blue cece dress. This dress can also be worn at night. The highlight of this dress has to be its detailing on the shoulders. Normal straight line shoulders would look nice but make a little frill at the end of the shoulder so that it looks more elegant and put together rather than looking like a plain jane. You can make the sleeves go upto full length if that is what you are comfortable with. As it is a dress of modesty, keep the dress until knee length or ankle length. For any dress, get a center zip on the back so that it would be comfortable while wearing. At the end, wear some black polished shoes.

A Cece To A Wedding

Who would have thought? Well it can be worn to a wedding too. Grab a lavender cece dress with subtle white floral print on it. As the dress is long, the focus goes to little detailing on the neckline and the waist. Get ruffles at the end of the sleeves. As for the neckline, get a high neck but with ruffles along the corners up until the shoulders. Instead of getting a bow tie at the back of the dress, get it in front of it so that it looks more feminine.


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