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Vacation All Year Round: How to Work and Travel

If the current lifestyle of “home-work-vacation once a year” suits you fine, then the information will be irrelevant. But if you have long been catching yourself thinking, “What am I doing here while I sit in this office, life is passing” – then welcome to read! Here are easy ways you can travel, learn about the world, and work without putting off life and opportunities for someday later.

First, we want to point out that the idea of “travel and work” is realistic. Many people are doing just that right now.


Freelance work is popular today. If your profession allows you to earn money remotely, then why not take advantage of it? In demand on the market: programmers, web designers, copywriters and other creative specialties. You can also enjoy online gambling for real money while traveling to earn even more. However, there are both pros and cons to this kind of earning.


  • There is no attachment to a specific place or city. You can earn money from anywhere around the world.
  • You will have a free schedule. After all, you don’t need to serve time, the main thing is to fulfill the order. Freelance is a project work: if you have done everything, you are free.
  • You will always have a choice and the opportunity to build your own schedule.
  • How much you earn depends only on you, as well as what your career growth and reputation will be.


  • There is no stability or certainty. There can be a lot of orders, so there is a lot of work, or vice versa. But in this case there will be free time to sunbathe on the beach or go scuba diving.
  • There may be difficulties in finding new projects, and, after all, the earnings depend on their number.
  • Freelancing isn’t suitable for everyone because it’s important to be able to organize your time. There will not be a boss who will remind you that it’s time to work. It all depends on the person.

Remote Work

The second option, which will allow you to work and travel is the remote execution of duties. A bit like freelancing, but here it all depends on the specifics, the functions you perform and agreements with the office. For example, an editor can perform his duties out of the office, coming once every 3-6 months to his native land. But it will be more difficult for a doctor to work remotely. But to carry out your plan to work and travel, you need to convince your superiors that you can handle the workload outside the office and will be as responsible as before.

International Companies 

The third option for those who like to travel is to find a job in your motherland. But you will have to work for an international company with the prospect of moving to the country where the headquarters, for example, or a branch office is located.

Launching a Business 

Another option, if you want to see the world, is to start your own business organizing tours, weddings, and photo shoots on exotic islands. Or, in the end, you could open your own online store. There are actually a lot of options. In addition, you can simply find similar part-time jobs without building a business empire.

Volunteer Programs

The fifth option, how to travel and not limit yourself to the office – volunteer programs. However, they often don’t pay much money. They may give out a certain amount for out-of-pocket expenses. But it’s obligatory to provide a roof over the head and food for the volunteer, and he in return provides his time, knowledge, and labor.


And another bonus option for travelers, which will allow them to travel around the world without working at all. Of course, we’re talking about renting a place to live – a great option if you have a cabin, an apartment that you inherited, or bought before you started life on the road.