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Training Competency Linked with Safety Incidents Managed Through Automated Training

The safe and efficient running of any facility or plant is contingent on the competency of its employees. Automated training may ensure that employees are proficient in their duties and can handle crises safely. Competency in training is essential in every workplace, but it is particularly crucial in circumstances where safety is a high focus. Automated training may ensure that staff are adequately taught and know how to react safely to any potential accidents. Mechanical movement may also aid in monitoring the development of employees and ensuring that they are current on their training. This may aid in the prevention of safety accidents and keep employees safe.

Harrington Group International is a recognized software producer for training and competence management. HGI has created a novel and revolutionary method for delivering training that assists organizations in managing safety events through automated training.

An Example of a Safety Incident that Needs Training Competency Through Automated Training

There is a lengthy and well-documented record of safety problems in the aviation sector. These accidents may vary from minor issues, like delays in takeoff, to catastrophic events like airplane crashes. Although the reasons for these events vary, a lack of training competence among the ground personnel or the crew is often a contributing issue. To reduce the likelihood of safety issues, it is crucial that all workers engaged in aviation operations be fully competent and trained in their respective positions. Automated training tools may aid in enhancing the effectiveness of training. It is feasible to shorten the time necessary to finish training by automating the training procedure. This may help in improving the overall effectiveness of aircraft operations.

HGI has created a unique training management system (TMS) that automates safety incident monitoring and management. The TMS links safety events to training skills, allowing HGI to deliver a more complete and efficient training solution. It has been proven that the TMS is an effective instrument for controlling safety issues and has been created in conjunction with prominent safety professionals. The method has been used in several sectors, including aviation, construction, and marine, to control safety events.

Benefits of Automated Training Tools

• It ensures that training is successful- Utilizing automated training tools is one method for ensuring it is successful. Automated training technologies may deliver more consistent and precise teaching, reducing the likelihood of safety mishaps.

• It enhances safety compliance- Automated training technologies can monitor people’s progress and highlight places where more training is necessary. This may aid in ensuring that all employees adhere to safety standards and best practices.

Practical training must be adapted to the unique requirements of the person and the organization, according to the HGI training methodology. The software developed by HGI company allows organizations to create and administer training programs tailored to the requirements of the person and the organization. The program also helps companies monitor their workers’ growth and guarantee that they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to execute their duties safely and successfully.


The HGI competence in handling safety events is a helpful tool for decreasing safety occurrences through automated training. It is a proven capability that has helped various businesses reduce safety occurrences.

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