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Super Market Spree – Shopping at Fun88

With a passionate eating soul, now there is a slot game filled with food for you. Enjoy Fun88 Super Market Spree with Fast Spins and Exciting Prizes. You will really feel the eyes through the colorful icons that appear in the game. If you do not know how to play the game as well as how to pay for the game, see Fun88’s article below. 

About Supermarket Spree Slot Game at Fun88

Fun88 is an appealing fruit food cart that is a component of PG’s collection of slot games. You have the option to obtain rewards in your palm while being free to “shop” with eye-catching symbols. 

Fun88 is a video slot with a 6×6 wheel setup. Additionally, bonus symbols that go up to x50 offer you numerous opportunities to raise your Credit level. The player’s focus is drawn to the simple spin button, which offers endless turns with a time restriction. 

With the Demo edition of Fun88 Super Market Spree, which is greatly desired by many players, you can Spin without restriction.

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Basic Rules of Fun88 Super Market Spree Game

A Super Market Spree cart with a Fun88 Super Market Spree Cart will have the following basic rules: 

  • The unit of money in the game is converted to d. Winnings will be shown in cash.
  • Fun88 is played with 20 fixed bets, bets from 1 (0.10) – 10 (5.00). 
  • A win is defined as 8 or more similar symbols in any location during a spin. At the Paytable, each of those icons has a particular payment value. The worth of each symbol multiplied by the wager amount and risk level will determine whether it wins or loses.
  • If there are additional winning combinations, the bonus will be added directly in each round until no more combinations are fired. 
  • For a spin to enjoy the Free Spins feature, the bet size and stake on that round will have to be the same as played on the round that triggered the feature. 
  • Use the Bet Size selector to place Bet Size bets
  • The Bet Level selector is used to select the bet level. 
  • Select Bet Amount to choose the bet amount. 
  • The Auto Spin button is used to Spin automatically for the spins the player wants to set.

Payout table of symbols in Fun88 Super Market Spree

When the wheels strike eight identical images, the winning pattern expands, and you win. As a result, your credit will be increased at a faster rate to reflect the payment worth of the symbol. The algorithm for your regular bonus is the symbol value increased by the level and starting wager amount. 

The highest bet in Fun88 is $20, so you can play safely by not taking many chances. On the other hand, the likelihood of collecting incentives is gradually increased. Each symbol’s translation value is determined as follows: 

  • Eggs: 30
  • Orange: 40
  • Grapes: 50
  • Apple: 60
  • Banana: 80
  • Cheese: 100
  • Bread: 150
  • Milk: 200
  • Chicken thighs: 250
  • Lobster: 300 

Bonus features at Super Market Spree

There will be extras like cascading icons, bonuses, and free plays in Fun88 Super Market Spree. The Free Spins will start when there are enough SCATTER combos accessible. 

Cascade icon

This is the feature that gives a beautiful and creative look to a video gambling reel. Every time there is a winning combination, the symbol will light up and disappear. In its place are the newly dumped icons. Combined with the accompanying sound, the reels become busier than ever.


In addition to the regular paying symbols, the lucky multiplier can appear anywhere in Fun88. Ranges from x2 – x5 and this multiplier will be added to your credit after every spin. 

Free Spins

If you have a powerful combo with three SCATTER scatter symbols, this is the best roll. They are represented by a wagon loaded with unique items. The user will receive 10 free spins, increasing the likelihood that they will receive the extra again. 

When you win 1 more spin, you will also receive 2 additional spins. or when you win 2 spins, you get another 5 spins. When showing during this free spin, the number will be raised from x5 to x10. 

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FAQs about Playing the Supermarket Spree slot game at Fun8

Q: What is the maximum bet I can place in Fun88 Super Market Spree?

A: The maximum bet you can place in Fun88 Super Market Spree is 20 (10.00).

Q: Is there a minimum amount I need to start Fun88 Super Market Spree?

A: Yes, Fun88 Super Market Spree requires a minimum bet of 1 (0.10) to start the game.

Q: What is the maximum payout from Fun88 Super Market Spree?

A: The maximum win in Fun88 Super Market Spree can be up to 2000 coins multiplied by your bet size and level. You can ถอนเงินFun88  to your bank account at any time.

Q: Is there an autoplay option for Fun88 Super Market Spree?

A: Yes, Fun88 Super Market Spree offers an Autoplay option where you can set your desired number of spins and the game will run automatically until all spins are completed.

Q: What bonus features does Fun88 Super Market Spree offer?

A: Fun88 Super Market Spree offers a free spins feature that can be triggered by landing 3 or more SCATTER symbols. You will also be able to enjoy cascading symbols and multipliers that can increase your chances of winning big.

Q: Is Fun88 Super Market Spree available on Mobile?

A: Yes, Fun88 Super Market Spree is available on both desktop and mobile devices. The game will automatically adjust to operate with any screen size for the best gaming experience.

Q: Is Fun88 Super Market Spree secure?

A: Yes, Fun88 Super Market Spree is a completely secure game. Fun88 uses the latest encryption methods and advanced algorithms to ensure your data is always safe and secure. Your privacy is also highly respected as Fun88 does not share any personal data with a third party.


Super Market Spree at Fun88 is extremely interesting when the harder you spin, the more rewards you get. Fun88 game portal always welcomes new members to play with many benefits from the house. With the above clearly updated game rules, play now to not miss the opportunity to bring money to your hand.