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Stylish Tips on How to Choose The Best Christmas Party Outfit

The holidays are the perfect excuse to shop for a new dress! It’s a fun time to dress up, but it can be overwhelming to choose. Whether it’s an office party, family reunion, or holiday get-together with your friends, it’s essential to find the right Christmas outfit that reflects the festive season.

This guide will share our excellent tips for styling your Christmas party look from head to toe.

Christmas Party Dress Code

There are things to consider before choosing your holiday outfit. However, knowing what you’ll wear to parties in advance can reduce stress and let you enjoy the season without worries. Hopefully, the questions below will help you choose the best Christmas party outfit.

How formal is the event?

You need to know what type of event you will go to. Is it a ball, office party, or casual get-together? Short dresses and flashy clothes are a no-no if it’s a formal celebration. Meanwhile, wearing backless or mini skirts is welcome for other types of parties. It depends really on the host or organizer.


What is the theme?

Is it a black-tie dress code or a laidback one? You can tell what’s the proper dress code from the theme. You can see it on the invitation card or office poster, but if there’s none, ask the host firsthand. For family gatherings, it’s a go-to fashion to have a stylish yet conservative dress that could impress even the elderly.

Where is the party taking place?

Knowing the location is an excellent way to know the perfect outfit for the occasion. For example, a formal dress is your best bet if it’s a hotel ballroom or event hall. On the other hand, if the party takes place in a trendy restaurant or bar, you can wear chic trendsetter clothes.

Stand out from the Crowd

Christmas parties are an excellent opportunity to flaunt what you have and dress up to your heart’s content. It’s also the best time to throw away your shyness and be confident wearing stylish outfits for the season.

It’s a once-a-year cheery time when you don’t have to wear boring attire and everyone expects everyone to dress flashy and lively. Come on, girl, don’t miss this opportunity to have an unforgettable Christmas party outfit!

Colours of Christmas Eve

Although the jolly season is associated with red or green, you can wear other colours too. So let’s look at the less traditional palettes that still look trendy.

  • Metallic Gold: Are you going to a fancy event? A shade of metallic gold can turn your outfit up a notch without even trying.
  • Sparkling Silver: If gold looks flashy, try a combo of a grey sweater and a shimmering silver dress combo.
  • Burgundy: Ah, the new classic colour for the holidays. It looks sophisticated, relaxed and flattering to various skin tones.
  • Royal Blue: This deep shade of blue is a go-to palette for Christmas because it matches any theme flawlessly. If you need a default shade, then go for a royal blue dress.
  • Winter White: Look and feel like an ice princess with a white dress. This hue compliments Christmas’s colours, making you stand out from the pack.

Christmas Outfit Fabrics

Stay away from cotton or synthetic fibres during the cold period, instead try the fabrics below:

  • Velvet: It’s a standard fabric for Christmas party outfits because of how luxurious, plush and ultra-cosy it is.
  • Silk: Shine during the special occasion with a silk dress that feels extra smooth against your skin.
  • Satin: It’s a combination of velvet and silk that’s highly comfortable and trendy.
  • Cashmere: We can’t say more, but this is a staple fabric during the Christmas season.
  • Wool: Think of the knitted sweater gifted to you as a kid, and you’ll reminisce how cosy the festive and nostalgic wool fabric feels.

Stylish Christmas Party Outfit Ideas 

There are different dresses you can wear during the festive month. But, of course, it depends on what you want. There are knee-length, high-low, mini and floor-length, among others. From an evening dress to casual attire, there is a lot you can choose. You can also select from different necklines and colour palettes.

Perfect Embellishments for Your Outfit 

Embellishments accentuate any boring outfit and make it even more fashionable, which means you can choose from fabulous jewellery, a chiffon scarf, or a leather purse. These accessories will add more volume to your party attire.

Don’t forget the Shoes

Shoes complete any outfit, but not all types go well with every outfit. Formal dresses can pair up with black or neutral pointed pumps, stiletto ankle boots or metallic strappy sandals. A more laid-back look requires comfortable soles like plain boots, nude pumps, minimalist sandals or grey wedges. You can also wear ballerina flats if that goes well with your Christmas party outfit.

The Best Christmas Party Outfit

There are a ton of Christmas party outfits available that match any theme. You can try all the festive dresses and sparkling shoes, but remember, the most important thing is to be confident. Flaunt what you have and enjoy the joyful season. After all, the cherry holiday parties only come once a year.

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