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Mens Turquoise Rings: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Pictures

Turquoise is a beautiful mix of blue and green.  Who knew that a gorgeous color would come out of this wonderful combination. Well the color looks fantastic on almost anybody. It is said that the people with sagittarius zodiac sign should try to wear turquoise upon them in either way of the jewelry they would like. It could be in the form of a necklace, earrings, bracelets or even rings! Mostly these stones of turquoise are worn to bring good luck, protection, wealth and so on. Although this color is considered to be more on the feminine side, men can also wear it and flaunt them just as the way women do!

The ‘right’ Hand To Wear The Turquoise Ring: Mens Turquoise Rings

There are no rules or whatsoever as to how to wear rings right now as Gen Z took over and made almost every clothing or jewelry piece gender neutral. You can wear your rings on any hand depending upon your taste and desire. Yet there is some etiquette regarding this. You are never allowed to wear any sort of ring on your ring finger especially on your left hand as that is bound and connected to your marriage. Again it also depends upon the culture you are coming from. Some cultures do allow it and some do not. Other than that, you are free to wear your turquoise ring anywhere else except that. It is advantageable for sagittarius men to wear the turquoise ring.

Mens Turquoise Rings

Can Men Wear Turquoise Rings Every Single Day?: Mens Turquoise Rings

Absolutely yes! Only when properly taken care of! Otherwise the turquoise in the ring might turn slightly black and lose its shine. To avoid that, never wear the ring in the shower or in the pool. If you wish to apply any moisturizer or perfume, remove your turquoise ring and then proceed. The reason why it is said that the ring can not be in contact with water is mainly because it would lose its colors and swimming pools do have chlorine which is not a good idea here to keep them on. Even when you are at the beach do not leave them on for too long.

What Colors Go Well With A Turquoise Ring For Men?

Since it is a very vibrant color, the ring can be worn on most monochromatic outfits. Black, white are perfect for this color. Not just them, but also any kind of bright colors would go well with it. Since the color is pretty cool toned for a ring, opt for warm or neutral toned clothing or shoes to pair it with. This is a very smart and chic move that you could ever make! Khaki or brown could be the perfect fit that you could pair with a turquoise ring. They not only make you look stylish but also act as a talisman and protect you from evil spirits. It helps in improving your mood. These rings also have lots of healing properties which might help you in the future.


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