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Investing Mistakes That Can Kill Your Money in Stock market

Though stock markets have a wonderful potential to deliver high returns on investments, it is even known to be somewhat risky. In case you are new to the stock market, it is definitely advisable to perform cautiously while investing in it.  whether you keep a check on bse live and properly read the trends of stock market; there is always a chance of making a mistake if not careful.

It is common to find individuals complaining about the stock market when they lose a lot of money. Most commonly, it is an outcome of their own faults. This post is going to take you through some common mistakes that you should not make when investing in stock market.

Going for a lump sum amount

Though there is nothing wrong with investing a lump sum amount, it is definitely optimal to adopt a wait-and-watch type of approach before committing. It is suggested that rather than simply investing a lump sum, you should definitely start small. Once you incur small losses, if suffered, might not hurt much. On the other side, in case you commit to a heavy sized amount of investment, the harm would be more painful if the losses incurred from it.

Staying impatient 

New investors int eh world of stock marketing have a myth that they can turn out to be millionaires overnight, the reality is quite far from it. Investing is definitely a life-long process that demands you to be disciplined, even patient, and calm nature when market instability acts upon your portfolio. It simply means you need to keep your expectations truthful with regard to the extent of portfolio growth and even overall returns.

Not having a diversified portfolio

Well, though investing in the stock market if you invest massively in one sector of the market, the slightest alteration in the sector might hugely or adversely affect your portfolio. It is hence recommended to stick to the strong principle of diversification. In building a stock portfolio, should definitely allocate your investments into most of the huge sectors and it is recommended to evade any sort of allocation of more than five percent or ten percent in any one sector. This would be an astute move for sure. remember even the bse top losers or winners can change overnight. So, you have to be thoughtful about what you choose.

Don’t become a victim of your emotions

Emotions incline to dictate an investor’s decision-making simply process. The number one killer of overall investment return is your emotion, being too much of greedy or paranoid would not aid you in making returns on your investment. Having a long-term horizon when you are investing could help you diminish your likelihood to lose on an investment. When you’ve invested in a stock after much research, make sure that you do continue to monitor its performance on a steady basis.


To sum up, it is important that you avoid making these mistakes or they will kill your investment for sure. when you do your investments on 5paisa, make sure that you are considerate about all the discussed mistakes.