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Debunking 5 Dangerous Myths About Drug Rehab

Finally, deciding to enter treatment is perhaps the most difficult thing for someone who is struggling with addiction. The next most challenging thing is going through the detoxification process. And finally (and slightly less complicated) is successfully completing their rehabilitation program.

But outside factors can make all of these things (as well as staying sober) even harder; the myths accompany drug use and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, some of these myths are even perpetuated within the alcohol and drug recovery industry itself. With online searches such as “treatment centers near me” becoming increasingly prevalent, it is essential to understand what addiction and rehabilitation consist of and separate the facts from fiction. 

To help our readers do that, we put together a list of 5 inaccurate and even dangerous myths:

1. All it Takes to Quit Using Drugs Is Willpower and Self-Discipline

This is one of the most ridiculous falsehoods regarding rehab, so we listed it first. It isn’t a lack of willpower that created the addiction in the first place. Any combination of physical, emotional, psychological, and circumstantial factors led to recreational or therapeutic use. 

From there, the brain was rewired to need the drug, and the body was conditioned to crave it. This is a medical issue, not a “mind-over-matter” one.

2. Rehabilitation Cures Addiction

Drug addiction is never cured. It can only be treated and then managed on a day-to-day basis. Any treatment center or rehab facility that promises to cure your addiction is peddling false goods.

3. You Should Never Have to Re Enter a Rehab Center

Many people who have been sober for years or even decades had to make a few trips before the treatment took hold. For some people, once through the program leads to continued sobriety. For others with more severe addictions, additional therapy is often needed.

4. You Have to Hit “Rock Bottom” Before Going to Treatment

With phrases like “treatment centers near me” so commonly searched for online, there is a lot of disinformation available. This myth is one of the ones that are pervasive even within the recovery industry. You don’t have to hit bottom, you just have to be tired of living with addiction. For many addicts, rock bottom is death.

5. Relapsing Means You Failed

This is simply an outright lie. Relapsing is oftentimes an unfortunate event that you will have to deal with. But it doesn’t mean you failed. Get up, dust yourself off, and get back on the road to recovery. Only giving up for good is a failure.

Finding the Right Rehab Takes More than a “Treatment Centers Near Me” Search Online

Internet searches are so convenient and valuable. They can point us in the direction of precisely what we are looking for and the closest place we can find it. They are also great for researching details and other facts regarding our search topic. 

However, they don’t always give us all the information we need. When it comes to something as serious as finding an addiction rehabilitation center, it is essential to take a hands-on approach and visit them, speak with the staff, and get an accurate idea of what they offer.