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Betting tips for cricket: Predict the winner before the match

Cricket betting is a well-liked pastime among sports fans everywhere. Making sense of the numerous markets and placing wise bets can be overwhelming if you are new to betting on cricket. 

Here are some IPL betting tips that will help you to predict the winner

The performance of the team

A strong team has a better chance of winning than a weak one, so keep that in mind at all times. For instance, Scotland is less likely than England to win a match between the two nations. England is much more experienced in international competition and has better players overall, giving it a distinct advantage when the two teams play each other. In comparison to Scotland, England has a stronger line-up of batsmen and bowlers. In this case, you should bet on England to lower your chances of losing a cricket wager.

Create your team and win money

In this type of betting assemble a team to participate in this gambling. Let’s imagine that teams A and B are competing against one another.

You must put together a team with members from both team A and team B.

As a result, you are free to choose the players you think are the best.

The team’s vice-captain and the captain must be chosen as well.

We could make money off your bet if the players on your team perform well on the field.

In this kind of wager, you must assess each player’s performance before the game to select the best players for your team.

In this game of chance, captains and vice-captains earn more points than other players.

You must therefore be careful when choosing your vice-captain and captain.


Cricket cannot be played in the rain because it is not a sport like a football. Cricket enthusiasts must simply accept that many of their favourite matches will, at worst, be completely ruined by rain and, at best, merely be compromised to the point where the game must be called.

Duckworth-lewis stern in cricket betting

Imagine India taking on New Zealand in a competition. The penultimate ball of New Zealand’s innings is bowled as the rain begins to pour as they score 150.

After a 45-minute delay, the umpires decided to cut the game’s duration to 15 overs when India is chasing.

For India to try and score all of those runs in the final three Overs would not be fair. India would have an unfair edge because they would need only 15 overs rather than the usual 20 to chase down a total with 10 wickets remaining in play.

DLS, therefore, calculates the precise number of runs India needs from those 15 Overs using math. The so-called DLS par score is this.

Pre-match DLS betting in cricket

In a nutshell, that is how it works. But how does it affect gambling? There are two broad principles at play here.

For example, India scores 190, significantly higher than Afghanistan. Then the rain begins to fall.

Afghanistan is aware that to chase down 190 in 20 overs, they must score 9.5 runs per over.

But if DLS discovers that 170 is the required score, they might have to chase it down in 17 overs. The goal would have to be completed over 17 Overs rather than 20, which is a significant difference given that there are “only” 10 runs scored per over.

In this scenario, Afghanistan would benefit greatly from scoring runs in a shorter amount of time. If you knew that rain was predicted and that DLS might be used, taking big pre-toss odds on Afghanistan might be a good idea.

DLS & Live Betting

An even better strategy would be to anticipate rain and recognise that Afghanistan would gain more from a smaller DLS target than India.

This is because the team batting second is favoured by the second generalisation about DRS.

Consider it once more.

If there is no more rain and the target stays the same as it did at the start of the innings, the side batting second can afford to take more chances and lose more wickets than usual. They’ll be able to play more offensive shots as a result.

If you’re unsure, it makes sense to support the team batting second in a rain-shortened game with DLS in effect.

Choose the right team

In cricket betting, if you wager on a side with a lower chance of winning and they do, you will benefit from the wager five times over. But you should never gamble in that way. There is a significant chance of losing this bet. Never, therefore, pick the underdog team in your wager as your favourite.

Seek expert advice

On cricket matches, many experts and tippers offer guidance and predictions. While it’s crucial to conduct research and analysis, it can also be beneficial to ask a professional for guidance if you want to learn more. These subject matter experts and informants can provide insightful viewpoints and in-depth knowledge to support your analysis.

By adhering to these suggestions, you can increase your chances of winning when betting on cricket. Just remember to gamble sensibly and within your means, have fun, and enjoy the rush when betting on this popular game.

The Favourite of the Bookmaker Doesn’t Always Win

Although it should go without saying, you’d be surprised at how many people will bet on a team to win simply because the bookmaker they use has them listed as heavy favourites. Here is a prime example of this. England faced Sri Lanka as the clear favourite at the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. Given that England was playing at home and had a strong ODI team, this made sense. The likelihood of Sri Lanka winning increased after England dismissed Sri Lanka for 232.

As a result, just because the oddsmakers think a team will win easily doesn’t mean they should be backed. In sports, it is acceptable to occasionally bet on the underdog because there are always going to be surprised. However, research is essential in this instance as well.