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Best Travel Website Designers – Elevate Your Brand

 The travel and tour industry is growing, with revenue projected to reach US$734.60bn in 2022. The competition is fierce, and tourism agencies are doing everything in their power to widen their reach and attract their audience. As marketing efforts have shifted online, businesses are putting more and more effort into upgrading their websites, strengthening their social media profiles, and creating a customer-centric experience by providing excellent customer service. To ensure your travel and tour business isn’t left behind, we have created a list of the best travel website designers to help you enhance your marketing efforts.

Your website is a great way to promote your brand, act as social proof, and share customer reviews to build authenticity and reliability. But if your website design is outdated or the pages are lagging, your customers will leave, never to return. That’s why you need to find good website designers for travel businesses.

Top 5 Travel Website Designers

Human Service Solutions

Human Service Solutions offers multiple web services that help businesses build a strong online presence. They work with various organizations, healthcare providers, travel and tour agencies, and startups. Their travel website services include stunning visuals, well-written content, user-friendly navigational site structure, social media integration, and mobile device compatibility.   


FreshySites is one of the best travel website designers and consists of expert WordPress developers who help you create beautiful travel websites. They follow an extensive website design process. For instance, they first create a project overview document and a creative brief that captures the brand’s vision and value. Next, they create website design mock-ups and help work it out through revisions. After the design is finalized, they develop the website and launch it.

They also offer hosting, security, website development support, and other advanced features and functionalities.  

Thrive Agency

Thrive has worked in the website design and development industry since 2005 and helps businesses increase their digital marketing efforts. They specialize in travel and tour website development and offer a wide range of services, such as:

● Custom website design

● Ecommerce website development

● WordPress website design and development

● Local SEO

● Email and SMS marketing

● Link building



Gravitate is one of the best travel website designers that offers full-service website design and optimization. They help your customers easily navigate your site and find relevant information about where and how to travel. Aside from website design, they also provide hosting, maintenance, and digital marketing services, such as content marketing, organic and paid search, local SEO, etc. 

They also help travel and tour agencies build their strategy and help with creative design.  

Ireland Website Design  

Ireland Website Design is another top travel website designer that helps businesses create a modern online presence in the competitive tourism industry. They offer various services to their customers, such as; 

● Analyzing a website’s current performance and making a strategy accordingly

● Conducting keyword research

● Offering complete branding services, such as logo, website design, social media marketing, and business cards.

● Mobile responsive website development

● Content marketing

● Integrating security measures, such as SSL certificates and anti-fraud technology


Finding the best travel website designers for your business is critical to ensure its success and growth. Your travel and tour website should be mobile-responsible, minimal in design, and have ecommerce functionality to make it convenient for your customers to purchase packages and pay online.