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Best Attorneys Near You For Social Security Disability And Veterans Disability Claims

You may be eligible for benefits if you are a disabled veteran who served in the US military.  

The benefits you receive from the Department of Veterans Affairs are with these payments. You can get help from Roeschke Law navigating the range of benefits available.

 What is Social Security Disability (SSD)?

Most individuals consider Social Security to be their retirement plan.  Many people are unaware that Social Security also offers important benefits to those who are disabled. You can be eligible for social Security Disability benefits if you have a medical condition that is projected to continue for at least a year. You might also have to meet other certain criteria. 

Unfortunately, applying for and receiving these benefits may be a difficult procedure. A Social Security Disability lawyer can be of  help to you. The majority of petitions are denied by the Social Security Administration (SSA). And the appeals procedure might take months or even years. An SSD attorney might be quite beneficial in this situation.  

Best Attorneys near you for your Social Security Disability claims

Many people experience worry and anxiety when requesting social security disability benefits. This makes sense because the procedure can be challenging and irritating. 

The features which the best social Security disability attorney should have are: 

  • Your attorney must offer sympathetic assistance.      

It’s critical to feel a personal connection with your attorney from the moment you first discuss your case. You need to know that your attorney views you and your claim as unique as you deal with the physical and mental challenges that come with being disabled.     

Most Social Security Disability Lawyers only care about the money they will get from your case. But good social security disability lawyers in good firms genuinely care about your case and will provide a better result as they are invested in your case.       

  • A good disability attorney must be meticulous.    

The initial claim denial rate of 70% shows that even seemingly insignificant mistakes or omissions might prevent your claim from getting authorised.               

  • A Social Security Disability attorney should be knowledgeable about medical difficulties and have access to medical resources.     

Disability lawyers must be knowledgeable about medical issues even if they may not be doctors.     

Your attorney should effectively communicate with your personal physicians to resolve any questions, but he or she may also need to aid you in locating specialised medical care to back up your claim.            

  • Lawyers for Social Security Disability should gain from regional expertise.      

The SSA administers federal programs, but your lawyer will benefit greatly from local knowledge. Berry & Associates’ Social Security disability attorneys have experience collaborating with local medical professionals.  

Expedited Social Security Disability Benefits For Veterans With Disabilities 

Across the US, more than 800,000  SSD claimants are awaiting the confirmation of their benefits. Claimants usually have to wait 18 months. Some applicants have to wait longer than three years to receive permission.  

Most applicants are kept in limbo due to the large SSD backlog.  They are unable to find employment to pay for housing, food, or medical care. More than 10,000 disability claimants passed away in 2017 before their claims were  processed.

You might be eligible for the benefits if you became disabled while serving in the military after October 1, 2001. This implies that you could start earning monthly payments within a few weeks. 

The amount of time it takes to process depends on a number of factors. Such as:

  • When the SSA get access to your medical documentation
  • whether your application contains errors or omissions
  • the type of disability you have
  • whether a consultative exam is required

What Does a Social Security Disability Lawyer Do to Help?

Receiving SSD payments can be a protracted and challenging procedure. The application might be difficult, and there are rules and regulations that must be followed. An SSD attorney can be useful here.

An SSD attorney is familiar with every aspect of the SSD program. They can assist you in completing your application. Also,  if you need representation during your hearing, they can do that as well.  

 If your application for benefits is rejected, an SSD attorney can aid you in filing an appeal. They’ll know what to look for in supporting evidence and how to present it so that you have the best chance of succeeding in your appeal. 

Requirements Necessary For You to Be Eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits

You must have had a job with Social Security coverage to be eligible for SSD compensation. You must also be unable to perform any major employment due to a medical condition. The medical condition should last for at least a year.  

Work that requires extensive physical or mental activity is substantial work. Your medical condition must meet certain criteria established by the SSA for you to be recognized as incapable of performing substantial employment.  

It’s crucial to remember that if your only ailment preventing you from working is a substance misuse issue, you cannot obtain SSD benefits. On the other hand, you can still be qualified for benefits if you also have another disabling ailment.  

Those who are unable to work due to a disability and want financial support may find SSDI benefits useful. The program offers regular payments that can assist you in paying your bills if you are unable to work.   

Beneficiaries of SSDI may also be eligible for Medicare coverage. Even if you are unable to work, this can assist you in getting the medical care you require.   

It’s critical to comprehend the prerequisites and the application procedure if you’re thinking about applying for SSDI assistance. In this situation, a social security disability attorney can assist you. 

The majority of injured veterans who apply for SSD already have a rating from the VA. However, the systems and requirements for SSDI and VA are substantially dissimilar. VA ratings are not used by the Social Security Administration to determine disability. Instead, in order to qualify for SSDI benefits, you must meet the SSA’s definition of disability.  

• Your condition must be expected to remain at least a year or be terminal 

 • You must be unable to do substantial gainful activity (SGA) 

Even those with 100% VA compensation rates are not certain to be approved for SSD payments. But if your rating is 70% or higher, your chances of being approved for SSD are increased.

You should use the following checklist when looking for and speaking with a VA disability attorney for your claim: 

  • Does the attorney have any evidence beyond VA accreditation?  
  • Does the attorney specialise in VA claims?  
  • Never sign a deal before seeing a lawyer. 
  • What is the strategy to secure your advantages?  
  • Lastly, enquire about the VA disability attorney’s track record of achievement.  


Going with the processes necessary to receive the SSD benefits may make dealing with a disability a fraught and physically exhausting affair.    

It’s important to obtain the legal assistance you need to navigate the disability claim procedure during this trying period so you can resume your normal life.