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Beginner Guide to Selling Wholesale Shoes Online

Selling things on the internet is one of the simplest and quickest ways to make some extra cash, and selling wholesale shoes on the internet can be a lucrative side business opportunity.

When it comes to making money through online selling, learning how to create a profitable stream of income by selling shoes is one option.

Why Not Attempt to Sell Shoes Online?

One of the primary reasons we enjoy selling shoes online is that it’s simple to do because there are so many different places where people need shoes. This is not the place to look for priceless antiques because everybody has more than one pair of shoes stashed away in their closet. Shoes can be found stacked neatly on shelf after shelf in every store. In addition, there are at least a few pairs available at every garage sale.

Not only are there a lot of shoes available, but they also have a good market value. There are a lot of good shoe brands that retail for more than $50. And when talking about wholesale, you can price this at an even lower rate.Read on to learn some tips on how you can sell wholesale shoes online or in-store.

Tips for Selling Wholesale Shoes

  1. Find your way to the section reserved for men.

Men make fewer trips to the shoe store than women do, but when they do, they typically shell out a larger sum of money. When selling shoes, the highest profits are typically found in sales of men’s high-quality dress shoes. One disadvantage is that men typically keep their shoes for a much longer period than women do, which makes it difficult to find men’s shoes that will be perfect for your wholesale business. Also, you need to make sure that you include size 14 shoes since most men have this size.

  • Pick shoe brands that have a lot of customers.

Check the eBay listings to see how many pairs of shoes of that brand have been purchased in the recent past. You should probably avoid purchasing a pair of shoes that have only been purchased once in the previous four months because it will be a while before you see a return on your investment in the form of a profit.

  • Invest in various tools and products for cleaning your shoes.

When we list shoes for sale on our website, we always have a toolkit on hand that contains items for cleaning and maintaining the shoes. Extra shoelaces, a cleaner for leather and suede shoes, Goo Gone, a shoe polish set in black, brown, and neutral, and a leather conditioner are all included in this set.

  • Clean the soles with a damp cloth.

What more can we say? Even if they are at a significant discount, no one wants to buy dirty shoes. Before you put shoes up for sale on the internet, you should clean the cracks in the soles using a vegetable scrubber if the soles are quite dirty. When it comes to brightening things up, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work well for the white sidewalls of sneakers.

  • When taking pictures, opt for a plain background.

It is recommended by eBay that photographs be taken against a white background. On the other hand, you could use any kind of unobtrusive background, such as a wooden floor. Simply make certain that there is an adequate amount of light so that the particulars of the shoes you are selling can be seen by your customers.


Planning for a wholesale business can be exhausting especially if it is your first time. However, you should not worry about it since there are plenty of articles that you can find that will guide you along the way. Just make sure that you will study every move you make to make sure you will not have regrets in the end.