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6 Benefits of Using a Study Guide

Students get stressed out while studying, but study guides make the process manageable. They help students study efficiently and significantly impact how scholars learn topics and retain what they have learnt. A study guide like the Dymocks Key Points condenses all topics and presents them in a concise and easy-to-understand manner. It enables the pupils to create a strategy for studying. 

Guides help scholars find out what they know and need to study. They enable them to remember information easily and reap the maximum benefits. Most pupils prefer to study alone, and guides help them stay motivated and perform better in their exams. Even though textbooks are boring, guides make those topics exciting and fun to read. Many scholars need help understanding the concepts fully by reading the textbook, and using a study guide helps them to understand quickly by simplifying the concepts.

Manageable study sessions

Many students plan a long study session when they must cover many topics. It is not a good idea because it hinders the brain’s ability to retain information. Study sessions must be small, 20 to 30-minute, to help the brain retain the knowledge learnt in that period.

Consistent study schedule

Students must designate specific times for studying. By creating a schedule to study, the brain recognises a pattern and becomes more receptive to absorbing new information. When scholars are taught something new in school, studying it within 24 hours helps them to remember the information.

Set specific goals

Students must have specific study goals to make study sessions effective. They need to focus on studying a particular concept during a session. It helps them to remember concepts easily and achieve their goals. They can take a break between the sessions to refresh their brain.

Productive study environments

The study area must be a quiet place which helps the students to focus on the topics without distractions. Each student may find a different location that allows them to concentrate well and be more productive. Once scholars have found a suitable study space, their brain becomes more receptive to learning new information whenever they are in that place.

Start with complex concepts.

Any concept or topic that is challenging demands more energy and mental effort. When students complete the problematic ideas, they get a satisfying feeling, and it helps them achieve other topics quickly. If challenging concepts are not met first, students may never get enough time to study them before the exam.

Study different subjects

It gets boring when students continuously study the same subject or topic for many hours. Instead of focusing on the same thing, they must try to study another topic after a specific time. It prevents them from feeling bored and helps to learn better. Scholars who study different topics perform better than those who look at the same concept for hours together.

After purchasing study guides, students must try to understand the concepts in each topic. They must revise the topics by writing down what they learned from the guide. A good study guide like the Dymocks Key Points helps pupils to prepare for the exams effectively. Students can achieve success by incorporating a study guide in their study sessions. It helps them to understand concepts better and perform well in exams. Guides simplify the concepts and enable scholars to perform better.

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Author Name: Vivek Chaudhary